Plastic pool

If you have a suburban area of considerable size, you can install a stationary plastic pool. Such an artificial reservoir is suitable for those people who have precisely defined their size and appearance and have enough material resources to carry out earthworks. Plastic cups are installed for a long time, they are not dismantled with the onset of autumn, and for their installation it is necessary to dig a large hole.The shape of the pool of plastic is a bowl of a special composition that is resistant to chemical reagents and a variety of mechanical damage. The shape of the bowl can be very different - from standard round, oval and rectangular to asymmetrical with smooth contours, cast steps and height differences. Bowl walls can be up to 1 cm thick.

The surface of such a device does not need additional processing, since all bowls are made only in factory conditions. The largest reservoirs of plastic can have a capacity of up to 9000 liters, so they are suitable for swimming, diving, and entertainment.

To install such a pool, you must dig a pit and prepare a concrete pad or formwork. Such options can be used all year round. To this end, the model is installed in a covered pavilion and the water purification system, water supply and discharge mechanism are installed.

The disadvantages of plastic pools include their large size and high cost. To bring such a bowl to the country requires a special cargo transport, and for installation requires special equipment. Before installing a plastic device, you need to prepare the area for several days.

Stationary concrete pool

Such a design is arranged once and for several decades, and its installation requires significant financial costs. To make a concrete pool beautiful and memorable, the walls and the bottom lay out mosaic or decorative tiles. The shape of the bowl of concrete can be very different, they often make a drop in depth, set, if desired, a tower for jumping, mount a massage device.In order to be able to use the device all year round, they often make a sliding or removable roof over it and install a pavilion. Before the installation of a concrete variant, it is imperative to make a preliminary draft, install and install underground utilities. To create a concrete structure of the reservoir requires complex installation work.

Frame pool

The peculiarity of the pool frame type is that its design is collapsible. Externally, such a reservoir looks like a frame with a round, oval or rectangular frame, filled with water. The edges of such a device are smooth, from the inside are made of durable PVC film. The purpose of the frame is to give it shape and reduce the pressure of a large volume of water on its walls. In summer, this type of construction is easy to install in the place chosen at the cottage, and after the end of the swimming season, the model is quickly dismantled and sent to storage.The frame pool possesses a reliable and steady design which will serve long time. Such an option can have impressive dimensions: a capacity of up to 250 m3 of water and a depth of 2 m. Such dimensions make it possible not only to play in the water, but to fully swim and even dive.
Disadvantages of such a device too. Among them is the need for a protective tent to avoid contamination. Filling and draining water in such a large tank requires time and effort. In addition, for the mandatory regular purification of water requires a special cleaning system. Additional accessories for the frame option are often very expensive.

Inflatable pool

These reservoirs are compact, have a very simple structure and are inexpensive. Therefore, such options are very popular among the owners of summer houses. For the manufacture of such a device is used durable polyvinyl chloride film. Externally, it looks like a double case with a hollow chamber into which air is pumped to create a form of water.The reservoir with an inflatable design has the small size and, as a rule, a round form. The largest diameter of such an inflatable structure is about 5 m, and the depth does not exceed one and a half meters. In the upper part of the inflatable structure there is a special ring that acts as a holder for a large amount of water. In the filled form, the wall is stretched, which is why the reservoir looks like a bowl, and its diameter becomes smaller. To increase the strength and stability of the design, special holders, made of thin-walled aluminum tubes, are used. Inflatable options for babies are shallow with a soft bottom and sides.

Such inflatable structures are easy to transport, they do not require special conditions for transportation. To install such a pool, you need only a flat platform.

The disadvantage of an inflatable device is that they need to be pumped up from time to time, and the hull is easily damaged. Since inflatable structures are poorly adapted to the purification of water, it must be changed frequently.